Being a mommy
- POSTED ON: Jun 01, 2011

     I'm sitting here looking at my first real blog about a day in my life and I don't know where to begin. I have so many things I'd like to talk about, but I want to talk about what it's like being a mommy first because it's the funnest thing for me to talk about (and yes funnest is now a word). Ok so I'm a mommy, if you already didn't know and I shared this with the You Tube world on Mother's Day because it's something I really wanted everyone to know about... and although some of the questions I've been getting are difficult for me to answer, it's definitely not something I'm ashamed of. There are definitely some questions I would love to address, but there are also some things I just won't answer for the sake of personal privacy...plus there are a few things Corrine and I don't want to talk about with anyone else other than each other.

     When I started You Tube, I already knew I wanted my personal life to be kept personal, so there was and there still is a lot I keep to myself or within my personal group of people I share my everything with. So let me begin with what it's like being a mommy to a teenage. A TEENAGER OMG!!! Now this is very challenging for me at times because I have to pick and choose my battles with her as she tends to want to change her appearance or name every other day, but it's also extremely rewarding because here I am with this amazing daughter who is far smarter than I ever was at her age, and she's funny and she's witty and eclectic, and she has these goals that I don't even think about as an adult.

     Every decision I make effects her in one way or another so I wanted the way in which I revealed her existence to be very organic and I wanted to make sure she was comfortable with who, what, when, where, and how it all happened. I especially want her to be comfortable being in front of the camera and it isn't something I want to push on her or force her to be a part of. So for those of you asking when she will do a video with me or a Q&A type video, please understand that it will happen, I just don't know when. There are a lot of topics she would like to talk about and that I would love to talk about because I know there are a lot of teenage parents out there and parents in general. I also know there are a lot of teens who feel lost, parents who feel lost, teen parents who feel lost.... and I was there. I know what it's like to struggle and hurt, I just had the added element of having a child that depended on me for everything in her world to be ok, and she still does.

     I was a teen mom. I am now a single parent. The details about the whereabouts or level of involvement of Corrine's father I choose not to talk about, but I will say that I am both mom and dad and that is just fine with me. When I had Corrine, my parents probably did the most amazing thing for me in that they did nothing for me, and they didn't help me with anything. No baby sitting, no diapers, no formula, no money, they literally sent me out in the world to take on the responsibility I chose to take on. Back then it seemed like the most horrible thing, but now I realize that it forced me to be stronger than I thought I was. I graduated from high school a year early (I earned a Presidential award and a scholarship! word up), it forced me to get my first job at seventeen, and it forced me to be an adult. So it is possible to go through hardships, no matter how big or small, no matter the situation, and come out of it alright, with a few bumps and bruises from the road trip that is life, but stronger none the less. So if someone asked me to describe myself in one word. First I'd say I can't do that because I'm a babbler, but then I'd say that I would describe myself as a fighter and an optimistic person. I fight for what I want in life, and I do so with the optimism that I will not fail because it isn't an option. Being a h...

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